Tyra Banks Height – How Tall is She Without Heels?

Tyra Banks is 5’10”.

We all know Tyra Banks, don’t we? But how much do we know about her height and life as she grew up scaling higher “heights”? Walk with me this brief and interesting  journey as we explore. 

Known by many as Tyra Banks or simply as BanX, Tyra Lynne Banks was born on December 4th, 1973; Inglewood, California. You have perhaps come across her on your screens as she has established herself as a TV personality, actress, producer and singer. She is also a businesswoman, author and beautiful model.

Have you ever imagined that your height could perhaps affect your career or that of the future? Well, height, just like other physical features of our bodies, have the capability to affect our perceptions about ourselves and thus our limits. Short people are often made fun of and tall people are often respected. Society has created perceptions about people on the basis of height and even tied the same to character.

When people have this idea about you or disregard you because you’re either short or tall, you may find a difficult time making good progress in the industry. This is why it’s a good idea to be content with yourself; you shall witness results.

Look at Tyra, for example. Who would have known in the 1970s and 80s that a star would rise from among common folk? Who would then have known that she would achieve all that she has? Chances ae actually high that as she grew up, some people made fun of her and her height and she must have, at a point, felt bad about it. But Tyra didn’t let that hinder her progress or stop her from living!

Tyra’s Modelling Career

Tyra’s modelling career kicked off when she was but 15 years old. In those times, being a 15-year-old model was and currently still is admirable, though nowadays people show talent at a younger age. Nevertheless, Tyra’s modelling career was outstanding and a print on the sand for most who came after her. 

She was then featured twice on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and GQ covers; making the first African-American to achieve so. She progressed on to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel between the years of 1997 and 2005. It would be critical to note, however, that the early 2000s already saw Tyra to the radar of top-earning models in the whole world.

Tyra Banks Television Career

Tyra’s television career kicked off in 1993 with her role in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Most of who know Tyra actually know her from this show because a majority of the world population was around when she casted. Tyra’s film debut, however, came in 1995 with Higher Learning. 

The 2000s saw her cast in Disney’s Life-size and Zoe among other roles which she played in Eve and Coyote Ugly. We cannot forget her from Love & Basketball, the 2000 romantic film which she played a role, however small. The same can be said about Halloween: Resurrection, the 2002 horror film; Glee and also Gossip Girl.

America’s Next Top Model

We also remember how she progressed to become a presenter with America’s Next Top Model. She also stood as the TV series’ executive producer-cum-presenter for, of course, the first 22 seasons. When the series was cancelled in 2015, however, everything had to go to a halt on that vein and she was forced to take a different course.

The Tyra Banks Show 

Tyra then co-created True Beauty. And did you miss the news about her very own The Tyra Banks Show? This was a talk show was available to viewers on The CW. She won 2 Daytime Emmy awards in the 5 seasons for Outstanding Talk Show Informative. 

Tyra also went ahead to co-host FABLife, a talk show which rolled her on the screens for two months and on 2017, she took Nick Cannon’s place as America’s Got Talent host in the 12th season.

2010 showcased Tyra Bank’s writing talent with her Modelland, a novel meant for young adults. This Book was widely read and appreciated and in 2011, it appeared top for The NYT Best Seller. 

She is happy and proud to have been ranked by Time Magazine repeatedly as one of the most influential people. The 17 models who were ranked by MODELS.com as Legendary Supermodel saw Tyra appear as one.

Tyra’s Height

Tyra Banks’ 5’10” height has never come as an obstacle all through her career, especially considering that modelling requires one to be of ideal height. Nonetheless, an average woman in the US is estimated by the National Center for Health Statistics to be about 5’3.8″. If you look at these figures and compare them with Tyra’s, you’ll agree that her height is quite exceptional! So, there you have it if you wanted to know How Tall is Tyra Banks.

Tyra v Others

But why don’t we look at her height matched against those in the same career line, most being those she has engaged along the way. 

Naomi Campbell registers a 5’9.5″ height, coming half an inch shorter than Tyra. Cindy Crawford, sharing the same height of 5’9″ with Christy Turlington come exactly an inch shorter than Tyra. Kate Moss is quite shorter than Tyra with a 4-inch range. Linda Evangelosta, 47, is Tyra’s perfect height match, 39. But what about their age difference? Is 8 years negligible? Indeed, Tyra’s height is exceptional. 

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, however, comes about an inch taller than Tyra at 5’11”. Tyra would, therefore, not be a perfect match for Michelle Obama’s biopic and Michelle Obama would therefore have to crack her head finding a taller actress than Tyra. Nonetheless, we should bear in mind that the times we’re living in are fast-moving. We now have “taller” shoes, or what you may term as “CGI.” Therefore, if Tyra put those on, she’d probably gain the inch she’s falling short.

Indeed, Tyra Banks has made a name for herself in the industry and shows promises of doing greater with a still promising age. Her height has never been a source of discouragement and this can be attested to by her achievements and successes along the way; we can’t be blind to that!