Tyler1 Height – How Tall is the Online Gamer?

If you are keen on the online gaming and streaming industry, you must have heard of Tyler1. How much do you know about his height and his career life which has made him scale the ‘heights’ he has managed? This brief article will help you explore this.  

Popularly known as Tyler1, Tyler Steinkamp was born on March 7, 1995, in the state of Missouri in the United States. In your internet searches, you may have probably come across him. He has established a career as an American streamer on Twitch.tv

Tyler1 is one of the most famous Leagues of Legend online personality, a height which has seen him amass above two million followers on twitch. He has as well garnered massive views, placed at 113 plus million views.

Do you at times feel like you height will hinder you in the course of your carrier? Height, just like facial appearance and other physical attributes, is capable of messing somebody’s self-esteem pretty much blocking them from reaching their limits.

People who are not as blessed in height commonly face bullying and are often made fun of. While others may do this lightly, the bullying and jokes may hit someone hard damaging their perception of themselves. This may, in turn, make one lose trust in him or herself.

Society generally has diverse perceptions about different attributes and have, over time, formed different views and beliefs about short people. One example of a ridiculous opinion the community has is that quick people must only date short people, which may make one lose hope in love.

A good example is Tyler1. In the standard sports industry, let’s take basketball, for example, surviving on his height would be one hard agenda. Therefore if Tyler had been born before the conception of the internet, would we be reading and reviewing him? Probably no. 

Height, however, has not been an obstacle for pretty focused individuals who believe that they can achieve full potential regardless of the mockery and the bullying in society. The society accords absolute respect to men who are six feet tall, and it is easy for somebody falling short of that feel like they do not have a place. This was not the case for Tyler1.

Tyler1 Career 

Tyler1 career started with the League of Legends onset. He was ranked 14th in the North American League of Legends ladder in the year 2014. However, the stream had not gained a massive following, which later happened in 2016.  

The start of his career, however, was faced with challenges which threatened to make him fall in heights rapidly. Such behaviors saw Tyler1 serve permanent bans on twenty-two individual accounts over several years. This was not such a good time for his career.  

The bounce back

Tyler1’s bounced back in April 2016 when he made a public announcement that he had reformed. His Twitch channel, therefore, increase tenfold, from a mere five thousand followers to over ninety thousand followers in under one month. Tyler1 was reclaiming his heights.  

Tyler1’s bounce-back was not to stay as allegations started cropping up that his popularity would encourage and normalize player toxicity, one of the reasons why he was continually being banned over the years.

At the end of April the same year, Tyler1 was banned from owning a League of Legends ban due to a series of verbal abuse encounters and harassment. Tyler1 was thus banned and barred from owning a League of Legends account. 

This ban might have affected the heights, Tyler1 had managed to scale as he was forced to branch out of playing League of Legends. He, however, continued to grow his fan base as his stream was doing pretty well. 

The return of Tyler1

In the close of 2017, Tykler1 through his stream announced that he was to come back after receiving an email from Riot Games that his ban was to be lifted at the end of the year if he proved that he had played clean in his last months of gaming.

He became unbanned in 2018, given a chance to rescale the heights he was always and rapidly achieving before being banned and thrown out. This was confirmed by Kotaku, with Riot Games. He was back. 

He rose steadily as his fast stream after being unbanned managed 382, 000 viewers breaking the record at that time for the most concurrent viewers for an individual streamer set by Faker, a year before his return. 

The next month saw him surpass thirty thousand paid subscribers on his Twitch channel after he publicly claimed addiction to the League of Legends and made others talk about their habits as well. Six months later, his channel had two million followers and over eighty million views.

Tyler1 Championship Series

The famous streamer decided to host an online League of Legends tournament dubbed the Tyler1 Championship Series (TCS). He streamed in front of a green screen to images of LCS stadiums and a commentator’s desk.

The tournament did pretty well thanks to the 200, 000 concurrent viewers on Twitch and was viewed by professional players as well as LCS casters. The catch was a good one as the winning team went home carrying ten thousand dollars funded by Tyler1 himself. 

The championship later re-emerged in November 2018, with an increased pool fund of fifty thousand dollars funded directly by Tyler1. It was praised for improved quality as compared to the former. 

Tyler1’s height

Tyler1 stands at 5’6. This totals to 168 centimeters. This, however, has not held in his way to greatness. He has managed to score several achievements and scale to heights in his twenty-four years of living. This falls slightly below the average height of a man in the United States, and if Tyler1 were a man who lets societal rankings get to him, he would have had lost hope quite fast.

Tyler1 v others

The Tyler1 Height is slightly lower than that of Faker, who is one of the in-game participants who stands at 1.76m. He falls short with eight centimeters. Faker, on the other hand, falls below the standard height for American men. This, however, has not stood in their way of success.