Tom Brady Height – How Tall is the NFL Football Star?

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. alias Tom Terrific or California cool is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL). Born on August 3, 1997 and a professional football player with numerous awards, accolades and titles to his name.

Brady’s Height and Weight.

Descriptively, Brady boasts of a fantastic height of 193 centimeters or if you so wish to have it in meters and inches, he is 1.93 meters or 6’4 feet tall. I can already draw some link between the Tom Brady Height and his numerous football careers successes. Clearly, any height above 6 feet is quite an advantage for any sportsman or athlete. See for instance a person like The Rock, his height worked immensely to his favor in his wrestling career. Together with his muscular huge body, he tended to be quite intimidating to his opponent wrestlers giving him an edge over his competitors. Simply put, before the kick-off, the battle was already half won psychologically. There is not much difference with Brady in this case.

You are far from hearing it all. Talking about his weight, Brady weighs a whole 102 kilograms. For a footballer, that’s a lot of weight, a lot in the positive sense for it will definitely work in your favor. Now imagine what the height and weight could do together. Just like it is the case with The Rock, Brady is quite intimidating to his fellow footballers, and as they say, an intimidated opponent is a losing one. Didn’t they also say that it’s won and lost in the brain? Correct, they actually did. That’s Brady for you. 

Talking of other features of his body, say for instance his chest which is 46 inches long, his waist and his biceps which are also relatively large, talk of an approximate 16 and 34 inches respectively. It’s clear that such figures are pretty scary especially when they describe a footballer. How then does this affect his football career? Let’s get the link between his height and the outstanding career as a footballer.

Brady’s height and football career. 

Hilarious correlation huh! Well, Brady boasts of a successful football career with nine Super Bowls, in which he won six of them. I must say that that’s an outstanding performance and in fact, that is the most any football player has ever won in the history of NFL. Thanks to his numerous accomplishments, records and accolades, many sports analysts consider him as the greatest quarterback of all time. 

Where then did Brady’s football career begin? To answer this, I will take you back to the University of Michigan where in college football, he was drafted by the Patriots in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft. He then went on to become the team’s starting quarterback in his second season after a week 2 injury to Drew Bledsoe. If you are familiar with the history of NFL, you will agree with me that Brady was the biggest “steal” due to his late selection. Big wins, tall wins and of course sweet victories. You can’t just be this good when you are 4 feet tall. 

If you think that’s all about Brady, you are terribly wrong. Brady has been with the Patriots for 19 seasons and this, this remains to be the NFL record for seasons quarterbacking for one team. Even as a starter, which is over a total of seventeen seasons, he has played in a record nine Super Bowls with the Patriots and is one of only two quarterbacks to win a Super Bowl in their first season as a starter. He was clearly enjoying the height of his success blended with the benefits that came along with the height of his body.

Ooh, I like him already. You know what else, Brady also holds most of the postseason touchdowns, passing yards, and completions, while owning the corresponding Super Bowl records as well. And ooh, this guy Brady has won four, I repeat, 4 Super Bowl MVP awards which is the most ever won by a player and like that’s not enough, he has also won three league MVP awards, and you know why this is quite outstanding? Well, he is the oldest player to have received either award. A good height is really a great thing to look for in a player.

He has also been selected to 14 Pro Bowls which ties the NL record for most selections. Brady is also remembered for having led his team to 16 more division titles than any other quarterback in NFL history. He is also the fourth of all-time in career passing yards for regular season play, third in career touchdown passes, first in postseason career passing yards, fourth in career passer rating and fourteenth in postseason career passer rating.

Bradly is therefore the first all-time players in career passing yards and touchdown passes for regular season and postseason combined. He remains one of only two players on NFL history to amass 70,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards.

Ooh no, so much about him. Well guess what, that’s not all. Bradly is the only quarterback to reach 200 regular season wins, and the most winning quarterback in NFL history. He proudly boasts of a postseason record of 30-10, he is first all-time in playoff wins and appearances for an NFL Player. He has also led Patriots to an NFL-record eight consecutive AFC championship games since 2011 and has never had a losing season as a starting quarterback. He holds the coveted record for the longest touchdown pass at 99 yards, (thanks to his weight, height and energy) to Wes Welker. 

All was not always pomp and color or rather, that’s not always how it is. Brad has had his dark and cloudy days. He was suspended for the first four games in the 2016 season for his alleged involvement in the highly publicized Deflategate football-tampering scandal. He didn’t lose it all however since he and the Patriots won two of the next three Super Bowls, making him the record holder for most Super Bowl wins by a player, and the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl. 

Tom Brady is and forever remains in the beautiful side of history. The height of his success, his body and his consistency cannot be overlooked. A good height will definitely take you higher in your football career. I however don’t give all the credit to his height and body because clearly, Brady must also have put great effort to accomplish all that.