PewDiePie Height – How Tall is the Youtube Sensation?

PewDiePie is 5ft 9 (175.3cm). Felix Kjellberg which is his official name is a YouTube star. His exact height is however a controversial issue. Many of his fans and viewers seem to think that he is taller. This might come as no surprise given that he comes from a Nordic country. People tend to stereotype our Nordic brothers and sisters as tall. His athletic body might also contribute to this confusion. You see, many of us subconsciously believe that someone who is generally well built must also be tall. The confusion has also been exacerbated by different measurements revealed from PewDiePie’s videos. Different videos in which he took measurements gave differing results. He actually claims to be 180cm on his twitter page.

So who is PewDiePie?

Well he is a YouTube star who has more than ninety million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Surprised? Well it’s very impressive. He is also a comedian and a gaming commentator. His YouTube videos are mainly comedy. The 29 year old Swedish resides in Brighton, UK. If the number of his followers surprises you then get ready for your mind to be blown away by the number of total views his videos have. His videos have amassed 22.3 billion views. 

Truly this guy is the true definition of self-made entrepreneur. He actually quit school because he did not enjoy the course he was taking. After he failed to get an apprenticing position with an advertising agency in Scandinavia he decided to focus on his YouTube channel. This young pal’s determination was quite visible from the beginning. Can you imagine that he began selling prints of his Photoshop art projects and working at a hotdog stand in order to fund his YouTube videos? If that isn’t sheer determination then I don’t know what it is. Well his hard work eventually paid off. In 2013 he became the most subscribed user on YouTube. From 2014 to 2017 his channel was the most viewed YouTube channel. Currently his channel ranks as the second most subscribed and eleventh most viewed on YouTube. 

His YouTube content.

Felix gained fame by posting videos under the title Lets Play. In these videos he would review various video games. His commentaries were mainly of horror video games. Well many of us love video games. It’s therefore no surprise that this videos gave him a lot of fans.  His style was casual. In his videos he treated the viewers as friends even calling them bro army and later bros. he eventually changed this to squad fam. You might be asking yourself why he, and not other video game reviewers became famous. Well he brought in a fresh style of reviewing games. Instead of just talking about the game he actually shared moments of himself playing the videogames. Talk about earning money doing what you like and enjoy. Unlike other vlogers his videos were at first not edited. In fact he once stated that he was posting the raw footage. This made his viewers love their authenticity. His videos were real life situations and not scripted. Who doesn’t like seeing non scripted videos? However he now admits to using editors. He however stated that his videos are still not scripted.

As his channel grew he started diversifying into other videos. Soon he started posting vlogs, live action and animated comedy. He also started uploading music. He is known for regularly uploading videos. Some of his newer video genres fall under the following titles, You Laugh You Loose which features videos showing him funny and humorous clips while trying not to laugh, Last Week I Asked You which he responds to the reactions of his viewers to challenges he gave them the previous week and Mene Review which are videos showing his reaction to various memes. He also has a Pew News segment on his channel which is basically a parody to various news channel hosts including CNN’s Gloria Borger and Poppy Harlow.  He presents and discusses various news while acting as these characters. Currently he has gone back to mainly focusing on game reviews. He recently reviewed the game Minecraft. This led to a huge surge in interest in the game. 

His style and controversy.

PewDiePie is a man who never shies away from controversy. His style has been described as goofy, energetic, obnoxious and filled with profanity. However, much to the disappointment of teens and younger guys, recently he has toned down on the profanity. His content has been praised for being genuine and unfiltered. No wonder he has such a large fun base. He regularly uses politically incorrect phrases. He himself regretfully admitted that at the beginning he often used the words gay and retarded in a derogatory manner. He has also been criticized for using rape jokes. He has also used the word nigger a couple of times.  Once in an attempt to show how far people would go to get job on fiver he posted a jobs ad on fiver for anyone who would display the message ‘DEATH TO THE JEWS’. This led him to being criticized as fuelling anti-Semitism. In 2019 during the New Zealand mosque massacre the perpetrator asked his viewers to subscribe to PewDiePie page. 

His influence.

He has emerged as one of the most influential and notable YouTube stars. However some commentators contend that he is not famous as not very many people would out rightly recognize him on the streets as they would to other famous people like Rihanna. Many of his viewers can be described as generation C that is people known for their habits of creation, connection, curation and community. This people generally range from 14 to 25 year olds. However given that a lot of young kids love video games, some of his critics have suggested he be more careful in his content so as to not negatively affect this kids. He is also noted for his Oprah effect on indie games. He often gives a chance to such games to gain popularity. He has also raised a lot of money for charities and often encourages his viewers to donate to charity.

PewDiePie Height

Despite his short height, yes he is actually short in Sweden; he has not allowed his short stature to bring him down or prevent him from achieving his ambitions.  It’s clear that subconsciously height plays a big role in somebody’s life. Take an example of Felix’s height, people all over the world keep on debating his exact height despite it having nothing to do with his career. Felix is a real inspiration to all of us to go for what we want regardless of our stature.