Markiplier Height – How Tall is the Youtuber?

While talking about the tallest men and women in Hollywood, we are tempted to count Markiplier twice. His height is definitely to die for not to mention his physique generally. He might not be as tall as the rock and other 6’4 giants, but his height is very significant in every crowd he is amidst. Before we dive right into Markiplier Height, it is better to introduce Markiplier to those who do not know him.

So, who is Markiplier?

While many have assumed Markilplier is his name, then we need to correct the error right from the beginning. It is essential to know that Markilplier is the YouTube channel or handle owned and run by the talented YouTuber and video blogger Mark Edward Fischbach. However, for convenience and ease, many refer to him as Markiplier, which he does not mind. Most video game fanatics have an idea of Markilplier YouTube commentary channel. It is popular for the video commentaries dished out in an unusual, captivating voice filled with intense and rather coarse sensations. Mark uses quite vulgar comments, but he knows how to accommodate them all in language and that has earned him a place among the millennials. 

Mark Edward Fischbach has been in the YouTube business; successfully running and managing his YouTube handle and excelling in the talking business. Apart from his work life, there is a lot more to this successful young lad to learn. So, this leads us to yet other questions, where did Mark Edward Fischbach come from? Does he have a family? Who are his friends? Then hold on because I’ll be attending to all your queries in a short while. 

Early life

Mark Edward Fischbach was born to a Korean mother and a military father. The little blessing came into the world on June the 28th 1989 in the town of Honolulu, Hawaii. With that, we can deduce that our multitalented Fischbach is 30 years old. Mark is half Korean from his mother and half German from his father but is only fluent in English and little Korean thanks to his mother. His attempts to speak Portuguese have ended as horribly as most of his YouTube video themes. 

Mark followed in his older brother’s footsteps, who is an artist and webcomics creator, by joining the band in high school to play the trumpet. His band experience is to thank for his loud and coarse sensations on his channel. His father passed on after a long and unsuccessful battle with cancer while Mark was 18, and he did not take it lightly. His depression led him to study Biomedical Engineering when he joined the University of Cincinnati. But as usual, if you do not have a passion for something, failure is inevitable. When the going got too tough, Fischbach dropped out of school and dived right into YouTube business training. 

YouTube career

Fischbach started his YouTube career in Cincinnati, Ohio before moving to Los Angeles, California when he was fully established. Humble beginnings, huh? His career as a YouTuber kicked off on March the 6th when he uploaded his first video on YouTube. He had not yet created Markiplier (which is derived from his name Mark and multiplier, creativity!). The video amnesia: The Dark Descent was a big success for a first time YouTuber gaining a whopping one million views. Mark was motivated to create Markiplier where he from there on started uploading his videos. The star went a step further to explain to his fans why he had to change from his first channel to Markiplier. 

Fischbach’s style of conducting his video commentation is unique and fun. He can connect with the young people who are the bigger percentage who [play video games. He does more of shouting, yelling, cursing, and even crying during his videos which he has labeled Let’s Play. He does not try to censor his curse words but at least softens the blows by using words such as “duck” in the subtitles for every fuck or bitch word he says.

Mark has used his channel to raise funds for hospitals such as Cincinnati children’s hospital and others. He says that for him, health is a right, not a business. Mark hosts charity events streaming on his channel, and as we speak his channel has helped raise 1118645.14 dollars for hospitals, and the number grows with every upload. He also describes himself as a liberal, not subscribing to any political party ideals. 

As of June 2019, Fischbach’s YouTube handle has 24million subscribers and 11 billion total video uploads. The most exciting thing about Mark is that every time he hits the one million views milestone, he makes a mini video to show gratitude to his fans and fill them in on any upcoming projects. He has earned the title “the most caring YouTube” for his tendency of showing his emotions on camera. He was also named the most influential YouTuber in 2017, beating older YouTubers in the game such as Pewdiepie and Whinderssonnunes who is the most subscribed-to YouTuber. 

Relationship Status

Mark Fischbach is known to be in a stable relationship with his longtime friend Amy Nelson, who is a graphics designer and animator. Amy and Mark prefer to keep their relationship away from the public, and therefore, little is known about them. Their privacy does not deter them from exchanging affection and pleasantries every once in a while online. However, Amy has been seen to be a supportive girlfriend, appearing in several of Mark’s videos and live streams. Sorry girlies, the video hunk seems to be taken!

Markiplier Net Worth

Fischbach is one of the people who became millionaires before 30. His wealth is a mystery to the internet as some estimate him to be worth $9 million dollars while others argue that he sits on a net worth of $16 million. Fischbach earns a minimum of $11,000 daily from his videos. The fact that is known, however, is that his wealth did not grow overnight. He toiled and earned it. 

Body Measurements

Even though Fischbach is only in the YouTube business, his body befits the contemporary show business. Mark stands tall on 1.73 meters (5’10 inches) and a weight of 79kgs. He is well built to make you go running to the gym, but his body comes without much effort. His chest measures 43 inches and has biceps of 15.5 inches. 

We cannot exhaust everything about Mark Edward Fischbach. You need to check him out for more details about him.