Lady Gaga Height – How Tall is the Hit Pop Artist?

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, popularly known as Lady Gaga which is her professional name, is a young and talented American singer. The stage name Lady Gaga comes from Queen’s song “radio ga ga.”  When you think of Lady Gaga, height is definitely not the first thing that comes to your mind. But you know what? I want to challenge you to think of Lady Gaga’s stature, and at the end of the article, we shall reveal her Lady Gaga Height. So, let’s dive right into what we all know about our star, her immensely successful musical career. Get your wipes ready because I bet this is the most inspiring success story you will ever hear. You won’t be able to hold those tears back girlies!

Lady Gaga has always been overcoming. If you think the bullying and mean comments began recently, then you will be surprised. Lady Gaga’s parents, Joseph and Cynthia Germatonna, like many parents out here wanted nothing but the best for their precious angel Stefani. The two, who was an internet entrepreneur and an executive, enrolled their daughter in a Catholic private school on the East side of Manhattan. That is where all the bullying and belittling began. Sad! 

Lady Gaga Early Years

The would-be music star was always the target of bullies throughout her school life. She had big Evita eyebrows as she likes to describe them and a deep tan, more profound than most of the school’s beauties. Her hair was always in deep curls that made her outstanding. She was name called and insulted such that she did not want to go to school. However, giving up was not part of her. She describes her high school self as very hard working, very studious, very disciplined, but also a bit insecure. Relatable right? Her insecurity arose from her experience in school. She was considered a misfit and either too provocative or too eccentric. In an interview, Gaga commented about her experience by saying,” bullying stays with you throughout your life. It shapes you and makes you resilient, but it really never ever goes away”. 

Lady Gaga started playing piano at the age of four when her mother insisted that she needed to start behaving more like a lady. From then on, the piano has become her best friend. At a tender age of 11, Stefani was already taking vocals lessons from Christina Aguilera’s personal coach Don Lawrence. Yes, Christina Aguilera! 

She still takes her vocals lessons from Don Lawrence. Her piano lessons have taught her to create music through the art of listening. She says that reading long musical notes and sheet music is rather dull for her. She also took full-day dance classes every Saturday though she likes to describe herself as a lousy dancer. She says that for her, music came easy and she loved the piano. It was only instinctive that she practices piano every day rather than dancing, which did not flow in her. 

A 14-year-old Lady Gaga started performing ion open mic nights, attracting crowds that loved her music. From there, our pop star never looked back. After surviving high school, the hard-working Lady Gaga did not enroll university as many would expect. Instead, she decided to test her wings. She looked for the cheapest apartment and moved away from home. From there she enrolled in a program conducted by New York university school of arts. However, as she likes to put it, it was not long before the risk-taker dropped out to be a rock star!

Did she become a rock star overnight? Definitely not. If I may directly quote her words, she says, “I ate shit until someone would listen to my music.” At first, it seemed like success was already following her. On the 6th of September, she was signed to Def Jam records at only a tender age of 19. Before she could enjoy and put her songwriting skills to work, the record dropped her after a mere three months. At least that sent her home for Christmas. Shortly after, she started performing in open mics again, which, according to her, was the highest form of freedom. While doing her outstanding performances, she met her life savior, lady starlight who taught her and molded her on-stage performance tactics. The duo used to perform in downtown club venues and do live performances. 

All the work Lady Gaga and Starlight did not go in vain as Herbert signed lady Gaga in Nov 2007. Gaga likes to credit Herbert as the man who discovered her. Akon, captivated by her melodious voice, also signed Gaga in his label. He also helped her sign a deal with Interscope. Indeed, her star never has shown less bright since then. Her first album, the electropop made her rise to fame. She composed some of the most unforgettable singles such as just dance and poker face which topped the charts immediately. Her follow up album the fame did not disappoint either. Her singles such as Bad Romance and Telephone which she featured Beyonce were an immense success. In 2011, she blew our minds with her full-length album born this way, which she explored electro-rock and techno-pop. The album sold more than 1 million copies not to mention the millions of downloads it earned. To date, she has sold 27 albums and 126 million singles, to say the least.  

Lady Gaga has been off the charts since then, only appearing to surprise us with awesome singles such as Joanne and applause. However, in 2018, she came back with another hot musical drama dabbed, “a star is born.” The lead single “shallow” has bagged her an Academy Award and a golden globe award for the most original song. 

My all-time favorite is her single hit, “always remember us this way.” Apart from music, the songwriter is also an actress who has been given lead roles in American Horror Story for which she received an award for best actress. Lady Gaga has been awarded nine Grammy awards and awards from the songwriter’s hall of fame, not forgetting several Guinness book records she has broken. Similarly, she has been many things in her musical career. 

She has been in the front line in advocating for LGBT rights and runs a foundation named after her album born this way. On an interview with Yahoo reporter she said,” And I know you’re using words like ‘superstar’ and ‘most-Googled’ and ‘billions of YouTube [views].’ But I was never the winner. I was always the loser. And that still stays with me. And do I want to stick it to anybody? No. I just want to make music.”

Now that you have a newly developed love for Lady Gaga, how tall is lady Gaga? Although she is not competing up there with the likes of the rock, Gaga has the height I would call perfect for a woman. The songstress stands on a height of 5’4 inches.