Blake Shelton Height – How Tall is the Superstar Country Singer?

Blake Shelton is 6’5”. 

That’s right. Blake Shelton, the country singer and television personality we all know is 196cm. There is nothing average about being 6’5” and just as he stands tall in his height, so does he in the music industry. Let me walk you through Shelton’s rise through the ranks to become one of the most revered country musicians of his generation. 

Early Life

Blake Tollison Shelton was born on 18Th June 1976 in Ada, Oklahoma. Born to a mother who was a beauty salon owner and a father who was a used cars salesman, nobody would have ever guessed that this ordinary child would live an extraordinary life of fame in the music industry. Shelton began singing from an early age. Aged 12, Blake learnt how to play the guitar from his uncle. When he was only 15, Shelton wrong his first song. Aged 16, Blake received a Denbo Diamond Award in Oklahoma. 


Shelton’s first big move in the music scene happened in 2001. This was the year that he was signed to Giant Records. It was at Giant Records that Shelton released his first debut single ‘Austin’. Giant Records was closed but this did not interfere with the beginning stages of Shelton’s career as he was transferred to the mother company Warner Bros. Records. Shelton’s debut single ‘Austin’ did well as it spent 5 weeks at the number one sport on the billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Not bad for a first single right? Warner Bros. released Shelton’s self-titled debut album produced by the famous Bobby Braddock. 

In 2003, Shelton released his second album titled ‘The Dream’. In 2004, he released his third album ‘’Blake Shelton’s Barn and Grill’. Both ‘The Dream’ and ‘Blake Shelton’s Barn and Grill’ earned a gold and platinum certified. This was an impressive feat for Blake for sure.

In early 2007, Blake released his fourth studio album titled ‘Pure BS’. For the first three albums, Shelton worked only with Braddock. For this fourth one however, there were two new additions to the team, Brent Rowan and Paul Worley who were both record producers and session musicians. They worked together with Braddock to produce ‘Pure BS’. In 2008, ‘Pure BS’ was re-released with three additional tracks. The first track ‘Home’ was released early on in the year. This song was a cover of the hit still of the same name by Michael Bubles, and it went on to top the charts. ‘Home’ was followed by the single ‘She Wouldn’t be Gone’ released in August of 2008. This single also topped the charts. This then gave Shelton his first two consecutive number ones in his career. The additional producers clearly did a good job.

2011 was quite a busy year for Blake. In the summer of 2011, Shelton blessed our years with the release of his album ‘Red River Blue’ on July 12Th. The lead single of the album was ‘Honeybee’ received a whopping 138,000 downloads in its first week! As if this wasn’t impressive enough, in its seventh week, the single earned a certified gold. This set a record for the fastest gold certification by a male country singer. “Honeybee’ was definitely the summer jam of the year. In the same year, Shelton joined NBC as a coach/judge in the network’s reality singing television series The Voice.

In 2014, Blake released the album ‘Bringing Back the Sunshine.’ In the same year, he was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame for his achievements in the music industry and his acts of generosity in his home state. It is true what they say, Charity begins at home. Shelton also became the winning coach of The Voice for the fourth time in the seventh season of the show, after his contestant, Craig Boyd, won. We would all definitely want to be part of Team Blake in The Voice.

Other Ventures

Apart from music, Shelton has featured in television shows such as The Angry Birds Movie released in 2016 and the movie Nobody but Me. Shelton also has endeavors away from the entertainment industry. He owns a franchise of restaurants and entertainment complexes that go by the name Ole Red. Shelton did mention once that he considers his single Ole Red as his ‘signature song’ and probably the reason why he names his franchises after the song. I know you want to know where theses restaurants are located. Well, if you live in Tishomingo, Oklahoma or Nashville you can access these franchises. A Nashville location is opening soon so be on the lookout.


It is no doubt that Shelton has a made a lot of achievements in the music industry especially in the country category. His achievements have been highlighted by the awards he has won. To kick us off his awards collection, are his 9 Country Music Association Awards -one of the most coveted awards by any country musician, 5 Academy of Country Music Awards and 7 CMT Music Awards. In addition to these, Shelton has received 8 American Country Music Award, 26 BMI Awards and another 26 ASCAP Awards! How impressive is that. Shelton might as well be the GOAT of country music.

Shelton vs Others

We have seen that Shelton stands tall at 6’5”. The question is then how his height compares to his peers. The average height of males in the United States is 5’9”. He is clearly way above the average height. Some of Shelton peers who are shorter than him are actor Ben Affleck at 6’3” and singer Snoop Dogg at 6’4”. Those who are of a similar height are the likes of actor Tyler Perry and Tv host Jeremy Clarkson. Shelton would however be quite lacking in height compared to 6-time NBA champion Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 

With nine studio albums and 24 number one single, Blake Shelton has achieved musical success that many dreams of. He stands tall and high in his height and similarly in his career. His height is just but an indication of what a great man he is both literally and figuratively. Thanks for reading How Tall is Blake Shelton.