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September 14, 2019

Summerfest Music Festival

Event info

Summerfest was first held in 1968 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is a music festival that has been held every year since its inception. This music festival is held on a portion of land in Milwaukee known as “Summerfest Grounds”. This piece of land is adjacent to the central business district and Lake Michigan lakefront.

Events at Summerfest usually last for 11 consecutive days. Included in these eleven days is the official holiday for America’s independent day. The venue for Summerfest is a 30-hectare piece of land and usually makes 12 stages available. That’s not all. Events at Summerfest Music Festival usually include more than 1000 performances from 800 acts.

Summerfest is a major music festival in the United States. On a yearly basis, this festival has between 800,000 to 900,000 people in attendance between the 11 days it lasts for. Due to this, it is popular as the “The World’s Largest Music Festival”. As a matter of fact, the title “The World’s Largest Music Festival” is a Guinness World Record.

Although held in Milwaukee in the United States, Summerfest is not open to performers from Milwaukee alone. It is an event that plays host to entertainers from various parts of the United States. Also, it gives room for musical expressions in various genres.

While Summerfest is basically a music festival and is very popular for this singular reason, there is more to “The World’s Largest Music Festival”. In addition to the fun gotten from the performances, guests at this event also have the opportunity to have a feel of various meals from different restaurants in Milwaukee. This, therefore, makes it an event of a lifetime for anyone that attends Summerfest.