How Tall is Mark Wahlberg (aka Marky Mark)?

If you have seen any movie in over the past several years, here is a good chance that Mark Wahlberg had something to do with it.  As one of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars, writers and producers, he simply seems to be everywhere. However, what you probably didn’t know was that Mark Wahlberg actually has a very surprising fact that you had no idea about.  That fact being exactly how tall he actually is. While it may surprise you, Mark Wahlberg is actually only 5’8” tall, coming in well short of his assumed height that is averaged out at about 6 feet tall or even more when based off of all of his action movies.  His wife has even made comments about how much bigger he actually looks whenever he is on the big screen, with an original estimation of his actual height being between 6’2” and 6’4” before she had ever met him back in 2001.

Height Facts and Background Details About Mark Wahlberg

Originally known as mark Robert Michael Wahlberg, Mark Wahlberg is actually the very youngest of a total of nine children who were born to a delivery driver named Donald Wahlberg Sr. and a bank clerk named Elaine Donnelly on the fifth of June 1971.

Being raised in the south side of Boston, Mark would very quickly fall in with a crowd that most parents would be appalled with, being able to earn himself a reputation within a very quick amount of time.  While most would have no idea, Mark was actually a very troubled youth, who would even start using cocaine at just the young age of 13 years old, frequently engaging in different types of petty crimes to pay for that habit.  At one point in his life, he would even be charged with one of the most serious crimes that you can be charged with, attempted murder. Fortunately for Mark, the case against him would crumble and he would only serve 45 days in jail for the charge of assault.  Now that he has become an adult, he still actually has a felony record and is required to this day to make certain special arrangements before he is able to leave the country in order to film new movies or any other type of professional engagement.

Mark Wahlberg:  The Early Years

While he was serving his time, Mark’s entire outlook on life would have a complete makeover.  Once he was released, he would start with a private education while simultaneously becoming one of the founding members of the music band, New Kids on the Block.  Thought of as the very start of what grew into the ‘boy band’ era, the music group would shoot to fame during the mid-1980s. Once the band decided to split up, Mark would continue pursuing his music career becoming a solo artist with the name of Marky Mark.  It would be during this time that he would also become a very famous clothing model for the company Calvin Klein. Back to his solo music career, Mark would, unfortunately, earn the title of the ‘Worst Male Singer of the Year” by the Rolling Stones magazine.

While Mark’s solo music career may not have panned out how he had seen it, his modeling gigs would eventually catapult him into the crazy world of acting, landing him his very first full feature movie that just happened to be the hit thriller, Fear, which was released in 1996.  This would quickly be followed up the following year with the very critically acclaimed move, Traveler. While these movies would do alright, it was not until the 1997 movie Boogie Nights, that Mark would be able to cement his position in Hollywood as one of the very few megastars that would be here to stay.

Mark’s 9/11 Flight

While not very many people know this about Mark Wahlberg, he was actually one of the people that was supposed to be on the infamous United 93 flight that took place on 9/11.  United 93 was one of the three flights that was taken over by some terrorists for the attacks on the United States that happened on 9/11. Fortunately for him, a few friends and himself decided to charter their very own private jet at the very last minute on a whim, which would see him very narrowly missing what would have been a terrible fate.

Mark Wahlberg Height

While Mark Wahlberg has had an outstanding career, at the end of the day, he is still only 5’8” tall.